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Desert Touch

Relaxing massage*

This time-honored classic Swedish-style massage nurtures and relaxes the whole body. The gentle-to-firm full body massage enhances circulation and soothes tired muscles. You will feel gentle restoration within yourself.
(50 and 80 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage*

This is a deeper more vigorous massage that is designed for those familiar with concentrated muscle stimulation. It is best suited for the individual looking to release inner muscular tensions.
(50 and 80 minutes)

Muscular Release Massage Therapy

This specialized massage is intended to reduce pain and increase mobility in individuals with chronic aches. This massage can be uncomfortable for some as the pressure to release the contracted soft tissue can be profound and the necessary stretching can be intense. This massage is done without using any oil or lotion, so you may remain clothed if desired.
(50 and 80 minutes)

The Signature Desert Spa Massage

The Signature Desert Spa Massage

This full body massage was created for the Desert Spa and specifically for the spa goer looking for a unique massage experience. It combines different techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reflexology with some stretching movements. Basalt stones are also used during part of the massage to enhance the benefits of this exceptional physical therapy.
(50 and 80 minutes)

The Desert Spa Hot Stone Massage

This “Mexican stone therapy” utilizes the movement of smooth, heated Basalt stones on key tension areas of the body. The combination of the deeply penetrating heat of the stones with the pressure of the strokes allows the muscles to warm and release.
(80 minutes)

Neck and Back Massage*

This concentrated massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and upper back, employing a variety of techniques. You will experience maximum massage benefits in a limited time. This is not a full body massage.
(25 minutes)

*These massages are available in-room for an additional charge.

Spa Awards 2013 Technogym

Hours of Operation

Spa: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday
Fitness Center: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday


Please contact us at desertspa@villagroup.com.mx for more information.