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Bay Breeze Spa Massage

Mexico is a country rich in healing practices. From the Mayan culture to the Aztecs, ancient civilizations of the region have left a great legacy; knowledge of herbs, medicines and sacred plants has been passed down from generation to generation and today forms an essential part of Mexican folklore and culture. Inspired by the essential magic of the ancient peoples of this Country.

Back Massage

Release accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders & back, improving mobility and fatigue with this basic relaxation massage.30 minutes

Tired Legg Massage

Relax and restore your vital energy with a wonderful invigorating and relaxing leg massage. This massage ends with the application of a refreshing cream, which will improve circulation and leave your legs feeling light and revitalized.30 minutes

Relaxing Massage

This gentle full body massage improves blood circulation concentration on the muscles to relive discomfort and tension caused by every day stress and activities. This massage combines the sense of smell with utilizing pure essential oil extracts to sharpen the senses and enhance relaxation of the nervous system.60 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of natural aromatic plant oils in the pursuit of emotional, physical and esthetical well-being. Seven essential oils are used to balance each chakra or energy center of the body. The use of essential oils combines the senses of smell and touch to ease both physical and mental tension, reducing stress and improving our immune system, helping vascular and lymphatic circulation and mobility. This treatment is ideal to soothe the body, mind and spirit. Not recommended for pregnant women or those with acute allergic reactions.60 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

 This is a firmer and deeper type of body massage that helps to release chronic muscle tension derived from exercise activities. It’s also for guests that enjoy of a firmer pressure massage technique. Ideal for any one that enjoys an athletic and active life style.60 & 90 minutes 

Mom to Be Massage

Pregnancy can produce several unwanted side effects including an aching back and swelling or discomfort in the legs. This massage will relieve those aches and leave you feeling nurtured.
60 minutes

Quick Renewal

Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation from head to toe. This special technique integrates different massages, from relaxing to toning. In each session the massage is created according to the wishes and necessities of the guest, in order to provide the exacted treatment desired. Various types of manipulations are incorporated.90 minutes

Hands & Feet Reflexology

One of the world’s oldest healing methods, using a unique massage technique applied to the feet, hands & Head bringing all of the body’s organs back into balance.60 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone was used as an offering to the gods as well as being considered an element of protection for the noblemen and soldiers of ancient Mexico. In this mystic massage, we use this stone that maintains an internal heat that is absorbed directly by the muscular
system, activating the circulation, eliminating toxins and relaxing the nervous system.90 minutes

Herbal Remedy Massage

This is a therapy that combines heat, massage and an herbal mixture that help you get rid of tension, muscle pain, aches and inflammation. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymph by means of a soft rub with a warm compress.  90 minutes 

Hours of Operation

Spa: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday
Fitness Center: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday


Please contact us at gspapv@villagroup.com.mx for more information.

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