Tatewari Spa

If relaxation, therapy or professional advice for healthier skin is what you desire, you are in good hands with our team of specialists. Health and beauty is the primary objective and expertly accomplished with the wide variety of personalized treatments for the needs of men and women.

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Ritual of Transformation & Change

Steam Cell Facial

Signature treatment

100 minutes

This incredible cellular regeneration treatment uses a spray of micronized crystal particles to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it reduces hyperpigmentation, improves elasticity, improves the structure of the extracellular matrix, stimulates the growth and functions of fibroblasts, conserves the vitality and capacity for the renewal of skin cells and increases the production of

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and other proteins.


80 minutes

This fabulous anti-aging treatment is formulated with pure caviar extract, Pearl extract and a combination of rich phyto extracts called Escutox. Designed specifically to combat deep lines, provide elasticity and even out skin texture, this luxurious mask provides oxygen and at the same time

Reducing the appearance of new lines & wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and looking younger than ever. 


50 minutes

This delicious service utilizes the best products from mother earth and the Mexican region of Jalisco:

Tequila: Including blue agave, which contains skin regenerating, properties.

Pomegranate: Which is a natural decongestant & anti-inflammatory .Formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness, it smoothers fine lines and gives the skin a refreshing feel.



80 minutes

Delicious massage with a creamy Mayan mud that helps to detoxify and stimulate the body’s systems. To top off the massage, after a hot shower, we will apply a delicious relaxing cream that will complete the exquisite sensory experience.


80 minutes

Mud is one of the most common natural elements on earth. It nourishes our bodies with minerals, which produce a myriad of positive effects, such as muscle relaxation and tension relief. It also helps our body to dispose of toxins and it leaves the skin clean and free of imperfections.

After this indulgent treatment you will receive a 30 minute back massage to help relax your senses.



80 minutes

River stones contain all the strength and wisdom of nature. Water, fire, air and earth are the elements that these stones have been in contact with and they transmit a universal healing energy. In this mystical massage, we use stones to invite the internal heat that soothes your muscular system, activating circulation, eliminating toxins and relaxing the nervous system. 


Special Healing Therapies

It is energy which transforms solid into liquid and this liquid into gas. It is an element of transmutation. The Sun is heat and light, identified within all religions as the creator of the universe.


80 minutes

Enjoy the mystical feeling of this ancient Indian ritual that utilizes herbal pindas (medicinal pillows), made with natural ingredients and stuffed with aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, rice and essential oils, to provide an exquisite aromatic massage. The incredible experience begins with a dry exfoliation with a firm bristle brush, which activates circulation and rids the skin of dry skin cells. Then our professional therapists steam the pindas allowing their aroma to permeate the suite as they begin a healing massage for your body, soul & spirit. The main purpose of the pindas is to open the pores of the skin to facilitate the absorption of their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalizing and relaxing properties.


Enjoying time together as a couple is something that unites us forever. Sharing this special moment and relaxing with your other half is a memory that will last for a lifetime.


90 minutes

When the day comes to an end and vibrant shades of red and yellow are scattered across the sky, the Tatewari Spa begins their holistic ceremony, which starts with a light tropical exfoliation within the spa and continues with a walk to the beach among the candles that light the way.

A relaxing foot ritual and a delicious holistic massage accompanied by the light and aroma of massage candles, the sound of the wind and the sea sweep guests off to a Serene Location of peace and intense tranquility.

At the end of the massage, you can enjoy the sunset with a delicious bottle of sparkling wine and a cheese platter or you can rest in our relaxation area where you can enjoy the privacy of this sensational experience.



130 minutes

Relax and enjoy this package designed especially for you. The experience includes a pomegranate and tequila facial, a manicure and a classic pedicure to have you looking beautiful from head to toe.


130 minutes

Enjoy a complete detoxification from head to toe with our detox ritual. We begin with our black mud body treatment where the scents of eucalyptus and pine combine with the mud to revitalize your body and absorb the toxins that accumulate from everyday life. We continue with a lavender, propolis and seaweed facial that will help you regenerate collagen and erase fine lines. This is one of the best therapies to help you achieve complete detoxification of the body.


130 minutes

Submerge yourself in a world of sensations with this exquisite sun experience that will calm your spirit, your mind and your soul. We begin with a full body exfoliation with a soft tropical exfoliant, which serves to prepare the skin for full absorption of the heated river stones used during our prehispanic massage that is to follow. Finishing off the ritual is a refreshing Seaweed Facial that creates the most sublime feeling for an overall wondrous experience.

Open daily 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Download our Spa Menu PDF


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