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Davino Restaurant - Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine

Indulge in the fresh succulent flavors of the Mediterranean in this contemporary gourmet restaurant. Delectable dishes are prepared with fresh quality products that transport your palate to Italy, the south of France, Spain, Greece and North Africa in a medley of flavors set to ignite the tastebuds.

Davino's seafood bar is also one of the restaurant's main attractions where the catch of the day comes fresh off the boat and onto your plate in style. A traditional brick oven also ensures that Davino's mouthwatering pizzas and a selection of homemade breads are cooked to perfection.

The ambience of Davino Restaurant further complements the subtle style of its cuisine, boasting sophistication within a calm and relaxing setting. Minimalist crockery and table settings positioned upon elegant wooden tables set the tone of the restaurant. Just entering the space inspires your taste buds in preparation for a culinary awakening.