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Cancun In-Resort Activities

We've got a jam-packed action menu for you here at our delightful resort! Choose from a list of family-fun entertainment options. Ever tried out water aerobics? Always wanted to kayak your way through the afternoon? Been thinking of taking up yoga on the beach? Just want to sit and scream out bingo? All of this and much more is awaiting you in our fun resort activities program! Check out the daily activity list for class times!

And yes, we will respect those of you who want absolutely nada to do with any activity other than ordering margaritas from your chaise lounge. In fact, we will make this "activity" one of the best exercises you've ever experienced! Whatever you're looking for while you're on vacation here, we're here to provide it for you. And your experience will be far beyond your expectations.

Activities Menu

(every other morning at 9:15)

'Downward-Dog' your way into resort relaxation. Our yoga classes bring out your inner-spirit through our invigorating positions and awe-inspiring atmosphere. We welcome you to join us as we start off the mornings in a place of great peace and concentration. There's nothing like "letting it all go" in the 'happy-baby' pose after a solid session of yoga. And it doesn't matter if you're new to yoga; we are here to introduce you to this mind-blowing form of stress release.

(every other morning at 9:15)

Ahhh... ohhh...aeeeee..... these morning stretches release all the tensions stored in your body. Relish the feeling of finally letting all those hours crunched up in your office float far away. Rejoice the solace you'll find through deep breathing. Expand your muscles as we stretch the stress away. Stretch yourself to touch that magical place of total tranquility in our morning classes. You'll feel like a brand new person, believe us. Join us, you won't regret it!

(Daily at 1 pm)

After a leisurely lunch, many guests find great pleasure in a hearty game of bingo! This is a fantastic way to meet some of the other happy guests in your home-away-from-home. Plus, it serves as a wonderful way to let go of the daily routine. Just delight in the pure fun screaming out "bingo" creates. New to bingo? Perfecto! We'll teach you how to master this game in no time! An ideal way to spend an early afternoon with your friends!

Water Aerobics
(Daily at Noon)

We'll see you at the pool! Our water aerobics is the perfect way to get in some great exercising while staying cool in the pool. Our instructors take you through a plethora of healthy aerobic moves to the tune of a fun and upbeat music mix. Studies show that dancing in the water is one of the safest ways to get your heart rate up. You'll feel light and renewed as you 'pop' and 'be-wop' in our refreshing pool. No experience necessary; all you have to do is show up at noon. We'll be here every day to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dance Lessons
(Daily at 4 pm)

Zumba-your-way through the mumba in our daily dance classes. Salsa- your-strut in these entertaining lessons. Tango-your-tots in a safe and laugh-free zone of dance! We've got some of the best dancing teachers this side of the border! And they're here with zest to recruit you onto our daily afternoon dance team! So, don't just dance alone in front of the bathroom mirror.... come on, we know you do it. Bring that inner-dancing demon over to our class and allow us to land in your capable arms after an eloquent twist. Oh la la..... it's a spicy way to work up a sweat without even noticing that you're actually getting an amazing workout! Zum-Zum-Zumba.... Bring those dancing feet!

Kayak Tour
(Daily at 10 am & 4 pm)

Everyday we escort guests on morning and afternoon kayaking tours of our majestic sea. Kayaking is a choice way to get out there with some of your friends while taking in the picturesque surroundings of our resort. Not only that, but it also offers an excellent avenue to get your exercising done without the bore of that same-ol', same ol' treadmill routine. Give your arms some entertainment as they kayak their way through our crystal waters. We'll see you on the beach!

Towel Art
(every other morning at 10)

Have you ever wondered who designs your bath towels to look like swans? Ever found yourself marveling at the expertise required in creating a duck out of a mere hand towel? We did too! That's why we've introduced this wildly popular 'towel art' class. It is like origami for towels. And, yes, you can learn how to do this original form of art. Follow our experienced teachers as they show you exactly where to fold and place the corners of a towel to achieve the appearance of an animal. Perfect for the whole family! Your friends will wonder how you ever figured this fun talent out!

Beach Volleyball
(Daily at 11 am & 3 pm)

Beach Volleyball is a staple at our lovely resort. There's no better way to spend your morning and/or afternoon than by volleying a ball over the net. We will entice you to a great game of skill and fun. We know that this is a sport that some guests take very seriously, so we've taken pride in forming a group of folks here who are ready to defend their title! And if you're new to this fun-in-the-sand game; we'll teach you all the tricks of the trade to sock that ball like a pro! See you at the net!

Spanish Lessons
(every other morning at 10 am)

It feels good to get a grip on Espanol while you're vacationing in our beautiful country. Learn some of the most-utilized words and phrases in Spanish. We make learning some basics fun and easy in our lively classes. We encourage you to give our language a chance; you never know when you'll need to ask a native for a recommendation for the best taco stand! Hasta Pronto..... (We'll see you soon!)