Paddle Boarding in Loreto

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the trendiest new sports to enter the scene in recent years, and with good reason.  The water sport, which has become increasingly popular among surfers and other sports enthusiasts, involves the exhilaration of balancing above the water and gliding among the waves all while standing atop a paddleboard.  When you combine the skill, technique, strength and coordination of the sport with the stunning vistas of Loreto, Mexico, you have the ideal paddle-boarding recipe.

Loreto, Mexico – One of Mexico’s Best

Loreto, Mexico is truly a paddle-boarding haven due to the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez, the diverse landscape, which includes rolling hills and a variety of islands, and the biodiversity that inhabits what was once called the “aquarium of the world.” Those looking for an exquisite paddle-boarding excursion would be doing themselves an injustice to skip over Loreto, Mexico, the ultimate paddle-boarding destination. The quaint Mexican town, which has only recently begun to get noticed by the swarms of tourists that visit Mexico each year, is still a quiet destination where one can truly embrace the beauty of Mother Nature.  When paddle boarding along the shores of Danzante Bay near the Islands of Loreto, serenity surrounds you and the majestic nature of the location is all but overwhelming.

A Thrilling Experience at Every Level

The beauty of paddle boarding in Loreto is that there is something for every level of boarder, from novice to the most experienced.  The calm waters of Danzante Bay allow even the most timid of visitors to jump on a paddleboard and master the balance necessary to move on with little effort.  Those just learning are encouraged to stay closer to shore until they get the hang of the sport, which doesn’t require much time at all.  For the more experienced, paddling out to one of the islands, exploring the diverse shores of the bay, or gliding along admiring the schools of tropical fish and diverse marine life just beneath the water’s surface is more than enough to peak one’s interest or send thrills through your body.  Regardless of your level, Loreto provides a little (or a lot) of something for everyone.

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

At Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, one of the few luxury all-inclusive resorts in Loreto, guests can revel in the experience of paddle boarding around Danzante Bay atop a board provided by the resort.  The resort’s location allows guests to experience the glory of the top Mexico destination, without having to paddle too far.  Just in front of the resort sits one of the five islands, which is a great place to go exploring.  In addition, the warm, calm and strikingly blue waters often allow boarders to paddle alongside whales, dolphins, rays and other sea life. Guests can even take advantage of group lessons and SUP yoga available at the luxury resort in Mexico, which takes paddle boarding at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto to a whole new level.

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