Signature weddings by Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

The intricate details and elaborate affairs of planning a wedding can turn the most important day of your life into a dreaded nightmare.  Everything from laying out complicated seating arrangements to choosing the right touches can make wedding planning a daunting task, especially given the onslaught of over-the-top wedding charades that brides and grooms are pulling in order to make their day stand out from all the rest.  Instead of worrying about all the details, why not let the wedding venue create the distinction you’re looking for?

Top summer activities at Villa del Palmar Flamingos

Kid’s Paddle Boarding Lesson

It can be a nerve racking watching your little one try something new, especially when it involves heading out on the open water.  That is why Villa Del Palmar’s Activities Staff is offering kid’s paddle boarding lessons right inside the resort’s pool.  In this safe environment, participants will learn basic paddle boarding techniques and the rules regarding the sport while staying at the resort.  Under supervision by both the staff and the child’s parents, each participant will be given the chance to paddle board around the pool, showing off their new skills and discovering the excitement of the highly popular sport.

Médano Beach, the most popular beach in Los Cabos

Stretching from the eastern end of the harbor in Cabo San Lucas Bay all the way to the Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa is El Médano Beach, the most popular in all of Los Cabos.  The two mile long strip of soft sands and sweeping vistas is the ideal location for everything you’ll ever want or need to do on vacation.  From delicious fine dining to the best swimming in all of Los Cabos, El Médano Beach is the place to be when vacationing in the sun-drenched Mexican destination.

Family playtime at villa del Palmar Cancún

Villa Del Palmar Cancún is setting families up for a sensational summer with the announcement of their Family Playtime Package.  Inspired by the fun-loving kids that stay at the resort, this all-inclusive package is perfect for those looking to spend some quality time hanging out with their little ones.  Take a trip that will rank among the best at Villa Del Palmar Cancún, a place where imaginations run wild and exciting activities await guests of all ages.

Villa Del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto: A Diver’s Paradise

With a nickname like the “Aquarium of the World,” it is no surprise that the Islands of Loreto offers some of the best diving in the world.  With more than 5,000 species of marine life, 465 square miles of pristine water, five stunning islands and a United Nations Protected Marine Park, the Islands of Loreto is quite literally a diver’s paradise.

Neptune: Villa Del Arco’s Newest Culinary Endeavor

Villa Del Arco Beach Resort & Spa is proud to announce the opening of Neptune, the resort’s newest culinary endeavor.  The gourmet seafood restaurant, which is open daily for dinner at six o’clock in the evening, features a wide selection of succulent seafood, fine cuts and garden-fresh ingredients.  Situated on the rooftop of Villa Del Arco, overlooking the sweeping vistas of El Medano Beach and the Sea of Cortez, Neptune is a sublime dining option for guests of the luxurious resort.

Gents’ Treatments at the Village Spa: Villa Del Palmar Cancun

Help Villa Del Palmar Cancun treat the man in your life like a king this Father’s Day with a variety of indulgent spa treatments designed just for him.  On June 21, from 12:00 to 2:00pm, the professional staff of the resort’s Village Spa will be offering a series of mini treatments that will have him feeling more loved and relaxed then ever before.  Make this a Father’s Day he’ll never forget with a Gents’ Treatment at the Village Spa.

A Win-Win for the Villa Group: TripAdvisor’s 2015 Certificate of Excellence

Each year as TripAdvisor hands out their Traveler’s Choice Awards and Certificates of Excellence, the Villa Group is honored to be among the list of recipients.  As a hotel chain that strives to offer the very best in service and accommodations, guest satisfaction is of the upmost importance.  This year, three coveted resorts, Villa Del Palmar Flamingos, Villa Del Arco and Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, received the 2015 Certificate of Excellence, making it a win-win for the Villa Group.

Welcome to the Mexican Fiesta!



What better way to celebrate the thrill of a Mexican vacation than by witnessing the culture, tradition and dance of a great nation in a Mexican themed Buffet and Show.  At Villa Del Palmar in Cabo, guests can indulge in the divine culinary creations and exquisite culture of Mexico’s greatest songs and dance at a show designed for the entertainment of all ages.

Every Monday, beginning at 6:30pm, guests are greeted with a tantalizing selection of Mexico’s finest culinary treats at Tortugas Terrace, where they can indulge in a meal fit for a king.  The elaborate flavors of Mexican salsa, guacamole, enchiladas, tacos and a slew of other delicious dishes leave guests fully satisfied. (more…)

Spring Break Success

vdp_newsletter_5_15_3This year’s Spring Break festivities were nothing short of sensational at Villa Del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit.  With a plethora of entertaining activities, the award winning family resort was able to put a special twist on many vacations by keeping up Easter traditions and creating a fun-filled family environment.  From Easter Egg Hunts to exhilarating pool activities, this year’s Spring Break was all about the kids.

Villa Del Palmar Flamingos, in sunny Riviera Nayarit, made sure to celebrate Easter traditions by having all the kids staying at the resort decorate Easter Eggs and participate in a hunt to find the eggs after they had been hidden.  Children of all ages ran around the resort’s recreation area in search of their share of the fun.  After the egg hunt, each child counted their eggs and the one who found the most was awarded a special prize.  Following the Easter Egg hunt, everyone was invited to participate in a variety of pool activities designed to keep the fun going. (more…)