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Sabila Spa y Centro de bienestar
en las Islas de Loreto

El Sábila Spa ha dado de que hablar acerca de su ambiente relajante y generosa selección de tratamientos especiales de sanación y sus lujosas instalaciones. Ofrece una vista increíble de la montaña y cuenta con áreas húmedas totalmente equipadas con relajantes saunas, tina de hidromasaje, sección de agua fría y muchas otras áreas de alta calidad.

Sábila Spa seduce a todos sus sentidos con una gran cantidad de tratamientos tradicionales y modernos que lo dejarán totalmente renovado. Además, este paraíso de relajación está situado a un costado del centro de entrenamiento. Muchos de los huéspedes se sienten complacidos con un tratamiento de Spa al terminar su entrenamiento.

Otros populares servicios de spa son, envolturas corporales, faciales, vigorizantes tratamientos corporales y servicio completo de salón de belleza. Los terapeutas del spa lo llevaran a un interminable verano de armonía, balance y placer. El Sábila spa también cuenta con aromaterapia, reflexología y especiales de hidroterapia.

Sábila Spa puede competir con centros de relajación en las ciudades más cosmopolitas, sin embargo tiene su propio encanto, del tipo que solo se puede encontrar en México. Bienvenido a su retiro en la comodidad. Estamos impacientes por transportarle al paraíso.

Si usted desea calmar sus sentidos, unase a nuestras clases de meditación

Nota: El uso de las zonas húmedas tendrá un cargo de $11 USD para personas sin reservación de un servicio de masaje o tratamiento programado en el día de uso. Los socios Elite y los huéspedes que han comprado el paquete todo incluido están exentos de este cargo, puede aplicar el 15% de descuento con Tarjeta Oro.

De lunes a sábado de 9:00 am a 6:00 pm, domingo de 9:00 am a 5:00 pm

Servicios del Spa:

  • Tratamientos de aromaterapia
  • Exfoliaciones corporales
  • Tratamientos corporales
  • Tratamientos faciales
  • Envolturas corporales
  • Manicure y pedicure
  • Productos especiales de Spa 

Ventajas del Spa:

  • Hidromasaje relajante
  • Sauna relajante
  • Magnificas vistas al jardín y montaña
  • Masajes en pareja
  • Tratamientos para niños


Full Leg

Half Leg





Lip & Chin

Back Massage (25 min)

Enjoy this rejuvenating back massage using classic Swedish techniques.

Desert Foot Relaxer (25 min)

A real treat for your feet. Treatment begins with an exfoliation, followed by a relaxing massage for a complete release of tension. Pair it with any massage for the ultimate in stress relief.

Head Neck & Face Delight (25 min)

Pamper your face, neck and head and let yourself go into full bliss.

Foot Reflexology (25 min)

Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet. This controlled pressure alleviates the source of the discomfort. It promotes good health and aids in illness prevention as it relieves symptoms of stress, injury, and illness.  

Classic Swedish massage (50 or 80 min)

This classic massage is designed to relax contracted muscles, increase circulation and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue (50 or 80 min)

A deeper, firmer treatment that incorporates Swedish, acupressure and deep tissue techniques to promote the release of toxins or recurring muscular tension.

Aromatherapy Senses (50 or 80 min)

Allow your stress to melt away as you indulge your senses with this delightful treatment utilizing six blends of natural essential oils.

Mommy to Be (50 min)

Pampering our future mothers with a full body massage, this well-deserved relaxing treatment takes into account all the contra indications. (Not recommended if you have not yet reached your 13th week of pregnancy.)

The Athlete in You (50 min)

Perfect for the athlete in you, this massage includes deep tissue technique, stretches, as well various manipulations to increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness.

Chocolate Delight Massage (50 or 80 min)

Enjoy this decadent full body massage; a natural aphrodisiac… let your body feel its full pleasure.

Hot Candle Ritual (80 min)

A unique fusion between warm oil massage and Aromatherapy sessions, you will experience one of the best balancing treatments offered anywhere.

Spa Manicure (50 min)

Enjoy our full spa manicure service, leaving your hands silky smooth.

Spa Pedicure (50 min)

Designed for your feet to feel maximum pleasure. A Sabila Spa specialty.

Nail Polish (25 min)

French Nails (35 min)

Shampoo and blow dry

(Price ranges depending on hair length and style.)

Special Senses (105min)

A head to toe experience you truly do not want to miss!  This couples delight begins with a hand and feet reflexology, accompanied with our aromatherapy senses utilizing 6 blends of naturally essential oils.  Enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine, season fruit and assorted chocolates to be delivered to your suite.

His & Hers Specialty (80 min)

Enjoy time well spent together. This incredible treatment is designed especially for two. You've never felt so close to one another.

Paradise Relaxation (125 min)

Your journey begins with a candle lit aromatic cabin for two, enjoying a full body tropical exfoliation with our special blend of mango and papaya, allowing all your senses to be fulfilled with our extraordinary citrus Jacuzzi, and leaving you fully animated and your skin soft and smooth. This is followed by your full body relaxing massage with an added touch of our refreshing mini facial to complete your relaxation journey. A fresh seasonal fruit platter with assorted chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine will be waiting for you in the comfort of your own suite when you return.

This head-to-toe experience will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This couple's delight begins with hand and feet reflexology, accompanied with our aromatherapy senses, utilizing six blends of natural essential oils. Enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine, seasonal fruit brochettes and assorted chocolates to be delivered to your suite following your treatment. A true delight you won't want to miss.

Plan Conditions:


  • No other promotions are offered with spa packages
  • Spa packages are not transferable
  • No refunds for services not taken within the plan
  • No changes of plan
  • Gold card discount is not available with couples treatments


Sabila Spa Signature Golf Massage (80 min)

This deep massage was created to decrease contracted muscles; while doing trigger point therapy with actual golf falls. Improve your range of motion and better your golf swing! Recommended 48 hours prior to tee time or post game for maximum results.

Fisherman´s Special (50 min)

After reeling in your catch of the day, sooth your sore muscles with Sabila spa signature fisherman’s massage.  A touch of aroma and hot packs will leave you feeling fresh and renewed!

Stress Relief Massage (80 min)

Our stress relief massage begins with hot aromatic compresses allowing your body to enjoy full relaxation; continue with a full body rhythmical massage for a full calming effects.

Combination Massage (80 min)

Sabila spa has created its very own 80minute specialty massage blended with 5 different and unique techniques for maximum relaxation.

Cucumber Mini Facial (25 min)

Our cucumber mini facial is designed to give an instant glow to any skin type. Includes light exfoliation followed by a facial massage, with a touch of fresh cucumber for your tired eyes.

Eye Wrinkle Treatment (25 min)

Designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, using 100% collagen and leaving your skin rejuvenated and looking younger. *Recommended for mature skin.

Sea Of Cortez Deep Cleanser (50 min)

Enjoy our Sea of Cortez deep poor cleansing facial. This treatment begins with full steam for pure cleansing purposes, followed by light exfoliation with our specialized mask and Sea of Cortez special facial massage. Perfect for all skin types.

De-Stress Facial & Eye Treatment (50 min)

Sabila Spa created this perfect combination of a full facial with special consideration for your eyes. This treatment is aimed to replenish your skin as well as decrease inflammation, dark circle and tiredness around the eyes. *Includes a 10-day take home treatment!

Anti-Aging with Vitamin C (80 min)

A lift-off treatment mask with immediate results combining a high-potency concentration of Vitamin C and dried seaweed, this treatment reduces fine lines, strengthens your skin's elasticity, counteracts photo aging and restores a youthful appearance. Your skin will feel firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow. Enjoy the benefits of reduced fine lines and antioxidant protection, leaving the skin absolutely radiant.

After Sun Rehydrating Facial (80 min)

This incredible treatment has all the right ingredients for after sun exposure especially designed to  leave your skin healthy and smooth. Perfect for all skin types; fantastic for sensitive skin

Just for a Him (50 min)

The Just for Him facial begins with a deep poor cleansing followed by a facial exfoliation and ending with the perfect facial massage. This package utilizes "just for him" products, an introduction to a great skin care regime.

Back Treatment (80 min)

A deep cleansing back treatment especially designed for oily or acne-prone skin, including full extraction and exfoliation.

Sabila Salt Body Scrub (25 min)

Try our delicious all natural sea salt with a dash of aloe vera body scrub. Allow your skin to be born again!

Chocolate Mint Body Scrub (25 min)

The perfect blend of white chocolate granules mixed with an exotic mint serum makes the perfect combination of full body pleasure.

After Sun Soothing Chamomile Treatment (25 min)

Perfect for over-exposed skin, this rich blend of green tea with an added touch of chamomile helps decrease inflammation and redness, and leaves the skin filled with nutrients.

Tropical Body Blend Treatment (80 min)

This full body treatment begins with a light exfoliation rich in minerals. An added touch of yogurt, mango and papaya gives you the perfect anti-aging tropical blend.

Aromatic Sea of Cortez Mud Wrap (50 min)

The Aromatic Sea of Cortez mud wrap has been especially designed to aid in circulation problems, alleviate arthritis pain, relieve tensed muscles and decrease stress. The perfect treatment for any needs.

Balance Stone Treatment (50 or 80 min)

You owe yourself this exquisite treatment! Pamper yourself with a full body balance hot stone massage incorporating classic Swedish techniques and melt away your tension enjoying this healing relaxing experience.

Lomi Lomi (50 min)

This holistic traditional Hawaiian massage is a treatment for both body and the mind. Performed almost exclusively with the forearms, this traditional massage creates shock waves through the body that are both relaxing and invigorating. One of the most profound forms of massage, the aim of Lomi Lomi practitioners is to achieve total harmony by working on all the muscles of the body.

Head & Feet Acupressure (50 min)

Ancient healing techniques restore balance to the body by applying pressure to the feet and head for wellbeing and balance.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 min)

A light massage with smooth, even, rhythmical strokes focusing primary on the lymph nodes. Aids in reducing blockage of the lymphatic system, reducing edema, and overall promotes a healthier body.

Reflexology (50 min)

Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands. This controlled pressure alleviates the source of the discomfort. It promotes good health and aids in illness prevention as it relieves symptoms of stress, injury, and illness.

Family Spa

Focused exclusively for kids and youth! They can enjoy the benefits from soothing massages, as well as facial and beauty salon services in our luxurious Spa.

Little Touch Massage (25 min)

Perfect for first timers, your kids can enjoy a little touch of heaven. Choose from assorted scented oils.

Magic Touch Massage (45 min)

Designed for more experienced youth spa-goers, this full body massage includes light Swedish techniques and lomi lomi for full relaxation. Assorted scented oils to choose from.

Mani Kids (25 min)

Pedi Kids (25 min)

Mini Facial (25 min)

Services are available only for kids 12 years old and younger.
They will be escorted directly to their massage cabin for spa services.
An adult must be present upon checking in for spa treatments and sign permission for the spa service.
Only female therapists perform services.

Juice Therapy

Sabila Spa is now offering a menu of juices at our new onsite juice bar, meant to help with health concerns.

¿What is Juice Therapy?

Known as a modern therapeutic tool. Its history dates back hundreds of years in China and Japan the last 40 years many took interest in their benefits.

Taking advantage of technological advances and after many investigations, various devices known as extractors have been invited to produce various juice recipes. It involves extracting juice from vegetables and fruits dividing fiber or cellulose.

Obtaining necessary nutrients for proper functions of the body and for a good healthy diet.

Sabila Spa Signature Wellness Program

SABILA Spa healing encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another.  Similarly our holistic approach is designed to tune-in on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold.  Collaboration with guests to activate, facilitate and nurture new healing path, and this begins by honoring our highest potential.

Sabila Spa aka “Aloe Vera” embraces holistic like therapies that are known for balancing one’s mind body and spirit; along with traditional European spa treatments to fully receive the benefits of our signature wellness program.

Healing rituals include a combination of ocean & desert meditation, mixed yoga classes with specialized breathing techniques, guided hikes through the mountains and much more.  All performed by certified trainers and specialized staff.

Combining purification rituals, detoxification treatments, healthy diet designed by a spa chef is sure to meet your needs to make your experience a true success, while enjoying full luxury accommodations at the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.