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The Taste of Travel

What can you not live without, uses all the senses but your ears but you don't always trust it? Food! No wonder it should be priority for the perfect vacation. At Villa del Palmar food is more than sustenance, it is art. Our chefs are professional artists of taste and composition, producing plates nearly too beautiful to touch and flavors so divine you don't want to stop eating once you start. Our dishes can be served privately in your room, at a reserved table for two on the beach or in one of our gourmet restaurants.

Food is about choice. At Villa del Palmar that is understood, so we give you the finest dishes in elegant environments, like La Casona steakhouse or tempting nibbles at our poolside Casa Mia. If you want a taste of Mexico, book your trip now for Cancun's 2nd International Gastronomy festival, October 16th 20th. Notable chefs from all over create their specialty dishes using the finest ingredients of the region.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself personality, visit Villa del Palmar in Loreto during the month of October for one of five international fishing competitions. Return with your fresh catch of Tuna, Marlin or many others and have one of our chefs prepare a sumptuous platter in your suite. If you want to play with your food, use the suite's ample kitchen to cook up your own delight.

Travel is about adding another chapter to your life. Stay at Villa del Palmar for a culinary story that always has a happy ending.

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